Association Management Company

about us

Auranto is the first 

Association Management  Company (AMC) in Italy.

Auranto is the first 


Management  Company

 (AMC) in Italy.

International professionals

We help Italian business associations and organizations outline strategies to grow, build new market opportunities and represent the interests of members with National Institutions.

The expertise of international professionals merges into Auranto, to guarantee a full range of services.



Achieving the association’s goals is our primary aim, and we want to do our best to reach it: we provide instruments to implement strategic planning, technological apparatus, communication channels and event management.


The world is changing faster and faster and companies must be able to develop a proactive response to major daily challenges. The concept of resilience is more important than ever: we all have to keep reshaping our activities and our strategies so they can get best results in a continuously evolving market.


The world of associations is based on a networks of companies that, while having unity of purposes, each retains its history and individuality. These big and complex structures can obtain huge advantages from an organised management that allows them to overcome bureaucratic obstacles, inertness and fear of risk. Precisely because they’re complex, associations are strong thanks to a formidable “secret weapon”: in fact, in a group we are much more resistant than when we are alone.