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External management

Auranto provides external management

External management is a common and very productive trend, followed by associations all over the world.

This way, Auranto can help the staff of an association and take charge of some fundamental functions, like Secretariat and the representation of the association with National Institutions.



All the services provided by Auranto to the associations


We manage the drafting of official documents together, create documents and models, facilitate bureaucratic processes.


Let’s talk and find out what is the best solution to solve a problem, outline a strategy and face new challenges.

Working groups

Let’s put the theory into practice, identifying a common goal and work together to achieve it in the best way we can..

IT Service

Being online is a necessity, being smart is a power. Let’s find digital solutions to win daily challenges.

Governance management

Assemblies and board meetings are decisive moments: we like to be there and help to obtain the best results.

Training and safety courses

The know-how of the companies that form an association is infinite: let’s put it to good use and share it with all the members.

Audiovisual materials

Graphics, photos and videos, articles and interviews. We make quality contents to that really highlights the value of an association.

Marketing and communication

Let’s tell the market who we are, what we did and what we want to do. We must make ourselves known!

Event organization

Let’s meet our members,    establish relationships with new partners, share our work with the public.

Institutional relations

Our interests are the interests of the market grow together in a country that listens to companies’ needs.

Creation of new associations

Together we are stronger, and our voice is louder! Let’s analyse business opportunities and build precious bonds.

Remote office

We can travel the whole world without changing our phone number or address, thanks to the power of the Web!

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